wagon carriages restoring.

In order to maintain the color register when passing from one printing group to another in Manroland offset printers, the sheet carriages wagongreifer (R200, Favorit, Rekord, R600, Ultra and R800 seriesmust be in perfect working order. Only by constantly adjusting and maintaining the printing machine is it possible to prevent problems caused by worn parts.


In a specialized workroom, carriage adjustment and calibration is performed by specialized personnel with thirty years experience. After an accurate inspection, the following operations are performed:

The grippers are removed from the shaft. The spring systems are completely disassembled, checked and, if necessary, repaired. The gripper pad shafts are removed and their straightness checked. 

The feeder wheels and their pins are removed. The wheels and pins are completely disassembled; their housings and the needle bearings are checked. The casing and all components are cleaned. 

All components are lubricated and reassembled.

The carriage is adjusted as required (for paper or cardboard sheets) as per client needs.


Only after this accurate overhaul can our personnel identify parts that are excessively worn-out or no longer functional and that need to be repaired or replaced. The replacing of wheels, pins and shoulders can be decided only at adjustment, after which the costs can be assessed more accurately.