Ormo ricambi company.

ORMO 1972-2024:


52-years improving litho graphic art market passion as its goal.


O.R.M.O., Italian acronym of offset-printing machinery refurbing workshop take off October 22, 1972 by Silvano and his right arm Carlo Giudici.

Up until the end of the 2020s, ORMO concern of refurbing and trading printing machinery and the technical maintenance program on offset presses.

During its first 28-years busyness ORMO restored up to 220 machines making major improvements to second hand and old equipments.

ORMO shut down these machines process on Milan workshop at the end of 2013 and move plant location to Mercato Saraceno village in 2014 were Silvano Gori son Attilio and daughter Anna take over company control.

During its more over 50-years career, ORMO has been achieve Italian ad abroad clients’ and collaborators’ awards, for strength on technic expertise and trade reliability.


Nowadays, on Mercato Saraceno plant (Emilia-Romagna region), main activity of ORMO RICAMBI is focused on main German offset sheet-fed machinery spare parts and consumables production, trading ad suppling to Italian and worldwide printshops and freelance technicians.


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str. Giuseppe Di Vittorio 8/1

I-47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC) ITALY